Some Galaxy Owners Lose a Vital Samsung Feature: Is Your Phone on the List?

Samsung Galaxy users around the world have come to rely on a suite of features that make their smartphones not just tools for communication but essential daily companions. However, a recent update from Samsung has left some Galaxy owners without a vital feature that many have come to depend on. Is your phone on the list of affected devices? Here’s what you need to know.

The Feature at Risk: MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission)

The feature in question is Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), a technology that allows Samsung phones to mimic the magnetic stripe found on credit cards. This enables Samsung Pay to work not only with modern NFC (Near Field Communication) payment terminals but also with older card readers that don’t support NFC. MST has been a standout feature for Samsung, setting its mobile payment solution apart from competitors like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which rely solely on NFC.

What Changed?

With the release of new models and updates to existing ones, Samsung has started phasing out MST from its newer devices. While NFC is widely adopted in many regions, MST was a boon for users in areas where NFC technology is not as prevalent. The removal of MST could mean a significant change in how and where users can make mobile payments.

Affected Devices

Newly Released Models

The trend began with the Galaxy S21 series, where Samsung first decided to remove MST. Following this, other newer models, including the Galaxy S22 series and beyond, have also been released without MST support. Samsung’s decision suggests a shift in focus towards NFC, reflecting broader market trends and increasing global adoption of NFC technology.

Older Models with Updates

While older models that originally came with MST will continue to support it, users who upgrade to newer models will no longer have access to this feature. It’s important for Galaxy owners considering an upgrade to be aware of this change.

Why Samsung is Phasing Out MST

Increased NFC Adoption

One of the primary reasons for phasing out MST is the increased adoption of NFC payment terminals worldwide. As more retailers upgrade their systems to accept NFC payments, the need for MST has diminished. Samsung is likely responding to this trend by streamlining its technology to focus on NFC.

Cost and Complexity

Maintaining two different technologies for mobile payments adds complexity and cost to manufacturing and development. By moving to a single standard (NFC), Samsung can simplify its devices and potentially reduce production costs.

What It Means for Users

Limited Payment Options

For users in regions where NFC is not yet ubiquitous, the removal of MST means fewer options for mobile payments. This could be particularly inconvenient in areas with older payment infrastructure, where Samsung Pay with MST was often the only mobile payment option available.

Potential Workarounds

While the loss of MST is a significant change, users can explore other payment methods. Most major banks and credit card companies offer NFC-enabled cards, and other mobile payment solutions like Google Pay are also increasingly supported. Additionally, carrying a physical card as a backup can ensure that you’re always prepared for any payment scenario.

How to Check If Your Device is Affected

If you’re unsure whether your Samsung Galaxy device is affected by the removal of MST, you can check your phone’s specifications on the official Samsung website or consult the user manual. Alternatively, visiting a Samsung service center or contacting customer support can provide you with detailed information about your device’s capabilities.


The removal of MST from newer Samsung Galaxy models marks a significant shift in how Samsung approaches mobile payments. While the increased adoption of NFC technology justifies this move, it’s important for users to be aware of the changes and how they might affect their daily lives. If you rely on MST for mobile payments, consider your options carefully before upgrading to a newer model. Stay informed and ensure your device meets your needs as technology continues to evolve.

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