All the Signs a Cat Considers Their Human Their Mother

Cats have a unique way of forming bonds with their humans. While they may not be biologically related, there are several signs that indicate a cat considers their human as their mother figure. In this article, we will explore the behaviors and actions that demonstrate this special bond between cats and their humans.

Behavior Similarities between Cats and Their Mothers

Cats often exhibit behavior patterns similar to those seen between a mother cat and her kittens. These behaviors can be observed in their interactions with their humans, indicating a strong sense of maternal connection.

Vocalization Patterns

One of the first signs that a cat considers their human as their mother is their vocalization patterns. Cats have a distinct way of communicating with their mothers through a range of meows, chirps, and purrs. Similarly, cats may use these vocalizations to express their needs and emotions towards their human, seeking attention, affection, or simply expressing contentment.

Grooming Behavior

Grooming is an essential part of a cat’s life, and they often groom their kittens as a way of bonding and showing affection. When a cat considers their human their mother, they may display grooming behavior towards them. This could involve gentle nibbles, licking, or grooming their human’s hair or exposed skin.

Seeking Comfort and Protection

Kittens naturally seek comfort and protection from their mother. Similarly, cats who see their humans as their mothers may exhibit similar behavior. They might curl up next to their human, seeking warmth and security, or even knead on their laps as a way of finding comfort.

Nurturing Instincts in Cats

Cats possess strong nurturing instincts, and these instincts can be directed towards their humans, particularly if they view them as their mothers.

Kneading Behavior

Kneading is a behavior commonly associated with kittens nursing from their mother. Adult cats may continue this behavior when they feel safe and comfortable with their humans. Kneading is often seen as a sign of trust and contentment, and it reinforces the bond between a cat and their human mother.


Purring is a well-known behavior in cats, and it serves as a means of communication and bonding. Cats purr when they are content and relaxed. If a cat considers their human their mother, they are more likely to purr in their presence as a way of showing affection and gratitude.

Licking and Grooming Humans

Similar to grooming behavior, cats may lick and groom their humans to display their maternal instincts. It can be seen as an act of love and care, as they are mimicking the behavior they experienced with their biological mothers.

Emotional Bonding

Emotional bonding is a crucial aspect of the relationship between cats and their humans. When a cat considers their human their mother, they will exhibit various signs of emotional bonding.

Seeking Physical Contact

Cats that consider their humans as their mothers often seek physical contact. They may rub against their human’s legs, curl up on their laps, or even sleep next to them. These actions demonstrate a strong desire for closeness and affection.

Following Their Human Around

If a cat sees their human as their mother, they may exhibit behavior similar to that of a kitten following their mother. They may follow their human from room to room, keeping a close eye on their whereabouts. This behavior shows their attachment and reliance on their human for guidance and security.

Bringing Gifts

In the wild, mother cats provide food for their kittens. In a similar manner, a cat that considers their human their mother may bring them “gifts” such as small toys or even prey they have caught. This behavior is a demonstration of trust and an attempt to provide for their human, much like a mother cat would provide for her kittens.


The signs that a cat considers their human their mother are evident in their behavior and actions. From grooming and nurturing behaviors to seeking comfort, protection, and emotional bonding, cats can form deep maternal connections with their humans. Understanding these signs allows us to appreciate the unique and special bond that can develop between cats and their human caregivers.

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