All the Signs a Cat Considers Their Human Their Mother


The unique and mysterious relationship between cats and their human companions often leaves us wondering about the depth of their feelings and attachments. It’s no secret that cats have a reputation for being independent animals, but many feline enthusiasts have observed behaviors that suggest cats might consider their human as their mother figure. In this article, we will explore the signs that indicate a cat may view their human as a motherly figure and how this connection develops.

  1. Kneading: One of the most telltale signs of a cat’s motherly bond is kneading. Cats knead by pushing their paws in and out against a soft surface, much like they did when nursing from their mother. If your cat kneads you regularly, it’s a strong indication of trust and attachment.
  2. Purring: Cats often purr when they feel content and safe, similar to how a kitten purrs when nursing from their mother. If your cat purrs while cuddling with you, it’s a sign of comfort and affection.
  3. Nuzzling and Head-Butting: Cats that consider their human as a mother may nuzzle or head-butt them affectionately, similar to the way they would interact with their mother. This is a sign of trust and bonding.
  4. Bringing “Gifts”: Cats sometimes bring “gifts” to their human, such as toys or even prey like mice. This behavior is reminiscent of a kitten presenting their mother with a catch, suggesting that they see you as their provider and caregiver.
  5. Following You Around: A cat that considers you as their mother may follow you from room to room, seeking your presence and reassurance. This behavior reflects their attachment to you for safety and comfort.
  6. Cuddling and Nestling: Cats that nestle or cuddle with their human are displaying a strong bond and attachment, akin to the comfort they would have sought from their mother as kittens.
  7. Grooming: Mutual grooming is a sign of bonding and trust. If your cat licks you gently or allows you to groom them, it’s a sign of a close, motherly bond.
  8. Sleeping Together: Cats that sleep next to or on top of their human may feel a strong emotional connection, seeking warmth and security similar to that provided by their mother.
  9. Paw “Hugs”: Some cats will gently place their paw on their human’s face or hand, a gesture that mimics a kitten touching their mother’s face during nursing.
  10. Comfort-Seeking Behavior: When a cat seeks comfort from their human in times of stress, fear, or illness, it’s a clear indicator that they trust you as a source of safety and reassurance, much like a kitten would with their mother.


Cats are complex creatures, and their relationships with their human companions can vary widely. While not all cats will display all of these signs, observing several of them can be a strong indication that your feline friend views you as their motherly figure. This special bond is a testament to the nurturing and loving environment you’ve provided for your cat, and it deepens the connection between you and your furry companion. Whether or not your cat sees you as their “mother,” the love and companionship they offer are undeniable and cherished by cat owners worldwide.

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