10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession

Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” has long been celebrated for its unique blend of humor, outlandish scenarios, and the whimsical portrayal of both human and animal behavior. Among the myriad of themes Larson explored, his fascination with Vikings stands out for its creativity, humor, and the ability to turn historical marauders into sources of laughter and amusement. Let’s embark on a comedic voyage through the ten funniest “Far Side” comics that showcase an undeniable obsession with Vikings, proving that even the fiercest warriors can be a wellspring of humor.

1. The Misunderstood Viking

One comic depicts a Viking in full battle regalia, standing at the prow of his longship, declaring, “I don’t know, I just feel like pillaging today.” This perfectly encapsulates the blend of mundane human emotion with the historically fierce reputation of Vikings, offering a hilarious glimpse into the potential for existential crisis even among raiders.

2. Viking at the Therapist

Imagine a Viking sprawled on a therapist’s couch, lamenting, “I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to life than looting and pillaging.” This comic turns the tables on the Viking stereotype, presenting a warrior in the midst of an identity crisis, humorously exploring themes of existentialism and the search for meaning beyond the sword.

3. The Vegan Viking

A scene shows a Viking dinner where one warrior sheepishly admits, “I’m actually a vegan.” The surrounding Vikings, clutching their meaty banquet, pause in a moment of bewildered silence. Larson brilliantly juxtaposes modern dietary choices with the historical setting, creating a timeless humor that resonates with contemporary audiences.

4. The Directionally Challenged Vikings

A group of Vikings is seen consulting a map, completely lost, with one suggesting, “Maybe we should’ve turned at Greenland.” This comic plays on the adventurous, often wandering nature of Viking expeditions, humorously highlighting the timeless struggle with directions and the male reluctance to ask for help.

5. Vikings at a Costume Party

A Far Side classic features Vikings at a costume party, all dressed as accountants, reveling in the irony of their “fearsome” disguises. Larson’s wit shines as he flips the script, placing historically intimidating figures in the most benign of modern contexts, eliciting chuckles at the absurdity.

6. The Overzealous Viking

One comic captures a Viking so eager for battle that he shows up to the ship a day early, standing alone with his axe. The caption reads, “Erik was always the overzealous one.” This gentle poke at enthusiasm and punctuality contrasts sharply with the marauding nature of Vikings, offering a lighthearted take on eagerness and dedication.

7. Viking Navigation Debates

A hilarious panel features Vikings arguing over directions, with the navigator insisting, “I know exactly where we are!” while in the background, a sign reads, “Welcome to the Caribbean.” The comic wittily comments on the historical Viking explorations, suggesting even they could take a wrong turn, ending up far from their intended northern raids.

8. The Homebody Viking

This comic shows a Viking who prefers to stay home, knitting and watching the longships sail away. The caption, “Not all Vikings were born for the sea,” touches on individuality and the notion that even among the most homogeneous groups, personal preferences can vastly differ.

9. Viking Office Job

Larson depicts a Viking in full armor sitting in a modern office cubicle, looking bewildered by the computer in front of him. This anachronistic humor brilliantly contrasts the wild, untamed nature of Viking life with the mundane reality of contemporary office work, sparking laughter at the absurdity.

10. The Viking Who Cried Sea Monster

A comic strip features a Viking lookout who mistakenly identifies a floating log as a sea monster, causing panic. When the mistake is realized, the caption dryly notes, “Olaf never lived it down.” This comic plays on the theme of mistakes and reputation, humorously reminding us that even Vikings could have off days.

Through these ten comics, Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” brings the distant world of Vikings into the realm of everyday humor, proving that laughter truly is timeless. Larson’s ability to find humor in the most unexpected places, including the lives of these storied warriors, continues to delight and entertain, making us all obsessed with Vikings, one comic at a time.

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