Zodiacs Who Need to Speak Up in June

Libra, this June you must advocate for yourself. You must confess your ignorance, admit your loneliness, and turn your negativity into a question. 

Don't overlook resources because you're afraid. Don't forget to appreciate everyone who helped you when you gain wisdom, knowledge, and reassurance. Thank you notes go far

Leo, raise your hand and say you want that chance. Leadership, promotion, internship, raise, and group project. 

You need to let folks know you want the job and are ready to take on the responsibility. Ask several times.

Cancer, admit what you hate. Come honest about your partner's cooking, a gift you want to return, or a family vacation spot you won't pay for

White lies might help prevent conflict, but you can't lie about your entire personality. True friends would understand and not want you to feel suffocated. 

Capricorn, speak up this June to prove you deserve love. You think someone else is better for the object of your passion, has been in the picture longer

 Stop moping like Quasimodo. Love and war are fair if your target is unmarried. If it makes an excellent rom-com plot, try it.

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