What the Cat's Star Sign Reveals About Them

The cardinal fire sign, which also happens to be the first sign of the zodiac, is the sign under which your strong feline was born.

1. Aries 

It is also the "youngest" sign in the zodiac because it is the first.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so your cat is probably affectionate and relaxed.

2. Taurus 

Thanks in part to their governing planet, Venus, the goddess of beauty, Taureans are noted for doing things on their own time and moving through life with a cool ease.

Your chatty cat was probably born under the changeable air sign of Gemini, which is controlled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

3. Gemini

For example, they may be incredibly affectionate one minute and distant the next. Though a variable sign, 

Your adorable kitty is probably the epitome of a Velcro cat because she was born under the emotional moon's cardinal water sign, Cancer, which is also a cardinal water sign. 

4. Cancer 

 Cancers love to cuddle because they are sentimental, sensitive, and intuitive. 

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