The personalities of the 4 canine star signs

An Aries dog is happy, vivacious, and self-assured. Aquarius people are the most compatible with them.

1. Aries 

These dogs have a lot of enthusiasm and are able to play and run for extended periods of time. 

Taurus dogs are dependable, devoted, and a touch slothful. They get along best with human Virgos.

2. Taurus 

They are the finest buddy a dog owner could ask for since they are above all things devoted and sympathetic.

Gemini dogs are perceptive, tough, and smart. They get along best with human Libras.

3. Gemini 

 Geminis are energetic dogs that require stimulation, frequently in the form of games and toys.

Cancer dog birth signs are affectionate, devoted, and hospitable. 

4. Cancer 

They continually show their owners affection while acting as both their owners' and the family's children's guardians. They are thus excellent guard dogs. 

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