Cat Astrology: Zodiac Sign Traits


Energized by that go-go-go Aries spirit, rambunctious Aries kittens like chasing and stalking their prey.

Aries cats aren't the snuggly sort by nature; instead, they'll express their adoration by bringing you tiny "gifts" they've hunted out. 

2. Taurus 

This cat can definitely haz a cheeseburger! Taurus cats are all about receiving indulgence

They'll consume all of the kibble you put out, preferable the smelly, wet variety,

3. Gemini 

Do you believe you just own one cat? You don't if it's a Gemini, sorry. The perception that cats are extremely agitated may probably be due to twin kittens

who have a personality to spare. Since spring is the time when kittens are born, more cats are born under the sign of Gemini than any other animal.

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